Technical Data sheet for PET steel film FF-9002SOL-2T310

Innovador rollo de material magnético para impresión digital, este material consta de una base autoadhesiva y el material magnético, el cual se puede imprimir en (UV, solvente, Ecosolvente, Mildsolvent y Látex), este material es resistente al agua, por lo cual se puede usar para campañas al exterior de media duración.

  • 1. Technical data:
  • (Tested by AIC procedure)
Product code
(PET material)
Total thickness
FF-9002SOL- 2T310 0.18±0.02 =80 =16
  • 2. The Mechanic Property of PET:
  • (Tested by AIC procedure)
Property Unit 400µm~100µm Results
1 Tensile Strength MPa =140 =130 =110
2 Elongation at break % =60 =80 =80
3 Shrinkage Lengthwise % ≤1.5 ≤2.0 ≤2.0
Crosswise ≤1.0 ≤1.5 ≤1.5
4 Density kg/m3   1400~1510  
5 Melting Point     =254  
6 Whiteness   =94  
7 Light Transmission %   4~50  
8 Rigidity cm   =16(188um) =45(250um)
  • 3. Dimension of PET steel film:
  • Width available: 1070mm, 1270mm, 1370mm, 1524mm, 1626mm
  • Length available: 30M or 50M per roll
  • 4. Dimension of Ferrous layer:
  • Around 0.08mm thickness Ferrous layer ( Pet thickness including coating 0.10mm)
  • 5. Working Temperature:
  • -26? to 70?.
  • 6. Storage:
  • Please stock the material below 40? in clean dry area. The shelf life is 18 months from the delivery date. .
  • 7. Durability outside and indoor:
  • Our material is with the property of waterproof and antirust. So it can be used widely both on the outside and indoor for POP/Exhibit, outdoor signage and banner, medium-term promotional. For special outdoor, pls double check the project. It is easy removal and reusable. .

26? to 70?

  • 8. Advice about Use:
  • To obtain the optimum attraction, the magnetic board surface must be clean, dry and well unified. 0.5mm isotropic/0.7mm isotropic flexible magnetic sheeting(large size graphic) with adhesive to make back board is recommended.

Printing advice:

This item can be used for UV printing and inkjet printing. The inks applicable are UV curable ink, Solvent &Eco-Solvent ink.

Printer recommended for this item:

Agfa Gaphics Grand Sherpa Mutoh@Spitfire 65/90 PJ-1946/3346
HP@ DesignJet 8000s/9000s/10000s Nur@Salsa
HP Scitex@XLJet 1500/1200 Nur@Fresco
HP Scitex@Grandjet Nur@Blueborad
HP Scitex@TurboJet 8300 Roland@Versacamm Sp-300V/540V,VP-300/VP-540
Mimaki@JV3-75SP/130SP/160SP/250SP Roland@SOLJET Pro III XC-540
Mimaki@JV33-130/160 Roland@SOLJET Pro-545/645/745/1045 EX
Mimaki@JV5-130S/160S Roland@ADVANCED JET AJ-1000
Mutoh@Falcon Outdoor/Outdoor Junior/Outdoor II Vutek@150/3360/5330
Mutoh@Toucan LT Vutek@UltraVU 2360/2600
Mutoh@ValueJet 64/100/1204/1604/2606 Vutek@UltraVU ii 3360

9. GSM(g/M2) is 310g/M2

10. Surface Finish: Semi-Gloss (waterproof), Antirust

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